About us

Optical spectroscopy of solids group in Institut Pascal, we are studying the light-matter interaction in semiconductors and materials for optics.

Our services

Specific studies of optical properties of solids materials.

Technologies, Equipments

Laser sources
  • Femtoseconde laser with tunable wavelength [233, 333], [350, 500] et [700, 1000] nm, the pulse duration is 150 fs with a repetition rate of 76 MHz.
  • Laser the fourth harmonic of YAG 266 nm cw
  • Laser helium-cadium (HeCd) 325 nm cw
  • Laser qswitch the fourth harmonic of YAG (266 nm), pulse duration : 400 ps with a repetition rate of 21 kHz
spectro optic 3
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spectro optic3
Cryostation Montana
spectro optic 4
The cryostation (Montana) is a closed cycle optical cryostat which could performed measurements from 4 to 300 K. The sample sizes could varies from few millimeter to 2 cm. Two nanopositionners allow translation of 6 mm horizontally and 12 mm vertically with a minimal step of few ten nanometers.

  • spectro optic5
    A CCD camera working in the 200-800 nm range is coupled with a 1 m focal monochromator with a spectral resolution of 30 pm.
  • A germanium detector working at the nitrogen temperature in the 1000-1500 nm range is coupled to a 64 cm focal monochromator.
  • A streak camera could performed temporal measurements from 1 ps to 1 ms.

Some of our achievements

  • Optical characterization of the OPGC LIDAR through transmission measurements to calibrate the setup and then to optimize the atmospheric observations.

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spectro optic7

P. Freville et al. Sensors 15, 3041 (2015)

  • Angular resolved emission studies of phosphor (ICCF) to enhance the light extraction of white light emitting diode.

spectro optic8

J. Nyalosaso et al. soumis a Advanced Optical Materials

  • Reflectivity measurements of anti-coating layers deposed on silicuon substrate (ICCF) for photovoltaic applications.

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spectro optic10

A. Farhaoui et al. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50, 015306 (2017)