About us

3D print allows to solve technical problems related to the lack of specific instruments or objects for research studies, producing on demand original pieces in resin.

Our services

The platform prints objects of maximum dimensions 294x192x148,6mm according to the PolyJet technology, from files resulting from either a scanner or modeling. The mono material printer could support 12 materials with different properties with high dimensional stability and a good surface finish.


  • 3D printer Objet Prime Stratasys,
  • 3D printer Formlab 2™
  • 3D modeling with Blender® or Solidworks®
  • 3D Scanner GOScan 3D, Creaform™

Some of our achievements

  • Teeth simulators to be used for teaching dental care technics to students or for testing dental instruments in endodontics, operative dentistry or prosthetics.
  • Original pieces complementing an experimental research chain to be used in research
    studies: sample holder, radiological angulator, compressed air connection, compressed air adapter, non-removable mechanical assembly.
  • Reproduction of parts of old apparatus that are no longer sold.