About us

The facility is part of the Human Nutrition Unit, UMR INRAE-UCA. It is managed by the ASMS team for its scientific activities related to the study of the links between the quality of food lipids and chronic pathologies. We carry out various analyses:
  • characterization of the fatty acid profile in biological or food matrix by gas chromatography (GC-FID),
  • separation of polar and neutral lipids, characterization of phospholipid classes,
  • analysis of ceramides, triglycerides, diglycerides by HPLC;
  • blood lipid biochemistry (triglycerides, free fatty acids, glycerol, cholesterol + glycemia) on an automated system.
Thanks to an HPLC system coupled to a universal detector, we can develop methodologies for the detection of other types of molecules such as amino acids. We can develop with our partners all steps of the process (from collection to sample preparation).

Our services

  • Total lipid determination and fatty acid profile analysis in biological and food matrices.
  • HPLC analysis of phospholipid profile of biological and food matrices.
  • Spectrophotometric analysis of blood lipids (TAG, CHL, FFA).


  • Thermo Trace Finnigan
  • Thermo Trace 1300
  • HPLC ultimate 3000 + detect Corona
  • Automate Konelab 20