About us

The evaluation of the quality of fresh or cryopreserved male semen samples is a challenge for the agro-industry of artificial insemination of livestock, species conservation programs, as well as in the clinic for medically assisted reproduction technologies (ART). With 25 years of expertise in mammalian spermiology, a team from iGReD is launching a service and R&D platform, the EVALSEM platform.

The activities of the platform aim mainly to develop a set of tests to assess the structural and functional quality of sperm including an evaluation of the integrity of the paternal genetic heritage. It also aims to work on the development of new sperm handling and conservation media, as well as on the development of non-invasive therapeutic approaches for the restoration (human) as well as the control (immunocontraception of pest-rodents) of fertility.

Our services

  • Evaluation of classical sperm parameters (count, morphology, mobility, viability).
  • Evaluation of specific sperm parameters (nuclear condensation, nuclear fragmentation, nuclear oxidation, mitochondrial activity).
  • Evaluation of seminal parameters (pH, reactive oxygen species level, total antioxidant capacity,...).
  • Cryopreservation of murine spermatozoa for lineage preservation.
  • Development of new freezing media for spermatozoa


  • Sperm Class Analyser" analysis station (Microptic, Spain).
  • Flow cytometer "Attune TM NxT" (Thermo Fisher Scientific, France).
  • Cryopreservation station " Microdigit cool " (IMV, France).
  • Timelapse system " GERI " (Genea Biomdx, Australia).

some of our achievements

  • Member of an international expert group on sperm quality after preparation of spermatozoa for the clinic on the new FELIXTM system (Memphasys, Australia).
  • Collaboration with ALLICE (France) for the evaluation of sperm quality of rams and bulls selected as breeding stock in artificial insemination centers.
  • Scientific partnership since 2014 with the biotechnology company CELLOXESS LLC (New Jersey, USA) in the development of non-invasive treatments (oral supplements) for male and female infertility.