About us

Galbiopharm is the University Platform from joint research center (UMR 454) “Microbiology, Digestive Environment and Health” associated with the Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA).
The Galbiopharm platform provides the scientific community with a range of state-of-the-art technologies to i) develop conventional or multiparticulate drug delivery systems obtained from wet granulation, compression, ionic gelification/extrusion or spray-drying and ii) characterize in vitro (dissolution, permeability), ex vivo (absorption) and in vivo (pharmacokinetic) biopharmaceutic properties of new drug delivery systems.

Our services

  • Development of multiparticulate drug delivery systems by ionic gelification/extrusion method (alginate/chitosan) with Encapsulator® for entrapment of active pharmaceutical ingredients or probotics,
  • Development of multiparticulate drug delivery systems by spray-drying for entrapment of active pharmaceutical ingredients or probotics,
  • Development of sustained release drug dosage from by wet granulation and compression processes,
  • Characterization of physicochemical properties of new druf delivery system by optical microscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, particle size measurement by laser scattering,
  • In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo characterization of biopharmaceutic properties by dissolution systems (USP1, USP2 and USP4), cell cultures (Caco-2, T84, HT-29 MTX), isolated organs (rat) and animals (pharmacokinetic).


  • Encapsulator ®
  • Spraydryer
  • Mastersizer®
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
  • USP1/2 dissolution systems
  • USP4 dissolution system
  • Cell cultures facilities
  • Animal testing facilities

Some of our achievements

  • Aptys pharmaceuticals : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution / permeability studies)
  • Biocorp : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution study)
  • Recoverlab : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution study with probiotics)
  • CEVA : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution study)
  • Substipharm : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution study)
  • Sanofi : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution / permeability studies)
  • Pileje : biopharmaceutic characterization (dissolution study)
  • 4D Pharma : physicochemical characterization
  • Lallemand : multiparticulate drug dosage form development