About us

In the region of Clermont-Ferrand (France), IVIA includes six expert entities in every applicable imaging modality’s of the animal to the human.
  • AgroResonance Platform INRA Theix (ISO9001-2015)
  • Multimodal Imaging Platform of IMoST UMR1240 INSERM
  • 3T MRI platform of CHU Gabriel Montpied
  • Experimental Catheterism Laboratory (LCE)
IVIA is certified IBISA since 2018.

Our services

To bring advices and expertise to academic and industrial projects. To acquire, analyse, transfer and save imaging data. To propose attractive price and help in funded grant calls.

Facilities / Equipments

IVIA groups cutting-edge equipment’s in several modalities of in vivo imaging:
  • MRI : 3T, 4.7T, 9.4T and 11.7T MRI ; Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation
  • Nuclear Imaging: SPECT/CT, PET, CT
  • Radiology and interventional imaging: Angiography, Echography, TDM
  • Optical Imaging : Fluorescence, Bioluminescence, Cerenkov imaging
IVIA offers facilities for animal accomodations.

Access to the services

A sanitary certificate of less than 6 months and the APAFIS authorization number’s are asked for the in vivo imaging.