About us

The enzyme activity & screening platform (PACE) is a tool of choice in the field of white biotechnologies and particularly in the context of the discovery of new biocatalysts (for example screening of enzyme libraries from biodiversity) as in the modification of existing biocatalysts (screening of libraries of mutated enzymes) for the improvement of enzymatic activities for substrates of interest in the fields of food processing, cosmetics, or even health. The platform can be used in research and / or research and development programs in biocatalysis, enzymology and analytical chemistry for the sectors of chemistry and biology-health.

Our services

  • Development of enzymatic activity assays by UV-visible spectrophotometry, fluorescence or luminescence.
  • Screening of mutated and / or biodiversity-derived enzyme libraries in 96/384 well format microplates.


  • EVO® Tecan work platform (robotic arm, 4 needles (5 to 950 μL capacity), 96 multi-channel head, microplate shaker, cryostat)
  • 96 or 384-well Safire II® Tecan
  • Microplate Reader 96 or 384 well Spark® 10-M Tecan
  • Microplate Reader Heraeus® Labofuge® 400 R Microplate Centrifuge (Thermoscientific)

Some of our achievements

  • Screening assay of mutated transketolase libraries by a pH-dependent colorimetric assay (Hits identification, Determination of kinetic parameters of mutants of interest)
  • Assay of ATP by luciferase / luciferin in biological samples


Partnership offer in the form of scientific collaboration (e.g. development of a new fluorescent enzyme assay as part of the search for new activities).