About us

PIT-GEOLAB has two missions. First, it supports the environmental research carried out by the research teams of the laboratory GEOLAB (UMR 6042 CNRS/UCA/UL). Second, it develops a specific methodological research for innovation in the field of environmental instrumentation (e.g. sensor networks) and geomatic processing (e.g. tools to help the detection and analysis of LiDAR).

Our services

PIT-GEOLAB offers the rental of equipment for 3D scanning (lasergrammetry), topography, bathymetry, GIS-oriented GPS and particle size analysis. The analyses are carried out autonomously by competent users. Otherwise, the hiring of a platform staff and / or training of the user is charged additionally and will dependent on their availability (please contact us).


3D Scanner
  • Optech Ilris 3D scanning (long range)
  • Konica Minolta 3D scanning (short range)
  • DPGS Leica 500
  • Total station Pentax W800
  • Telemeter laser Impulse200
  • Reson Navisound Sonar
  • GPS Trimble GEO7x
  • GPS Trimble GEOXH
  • Optical granulometer Laser LS230
  • Sieve analysis of particle size distribution
Data processing
  • Computing station Dell
  • Rugged laptop Kontron