About us

Experimental devices of the PACEM platform have been set up by the EMC research team of Institut Pascal (UMR CNRS 6602). A mode stirring reverberating chamber and its associated devices are available since 2001 for the realization of EMC measurements in the context of research and service contracts. The main objective of such exchanges is to assist business seeking to take into account EMC constraints on their products. These devices are also a major strength for initial training and continuing education.

Our services

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements in mode stirring reverberating chamber (MSRC, from 80 MHz to 4 GHz) in radiating emission and immunity, in accordance with 61000-4-21 and DO 160 standards.
  • Experimental measurements in MSRC or on-site for the characterization of electromagnetic environment or electronic systems, for shielding effectiveness determination (cables, materials), and for cable characterization.
  • Numerical simulation of complex configurations of electromagnetic wave / electronic systems interactions.

Facilities / Equipments

  • Mode Stirring Reverberating Chamber (MSRC) (sizes: 8.40 m x 6.70 m x 3.50 m) and associated devices,
  • Measurement cell of material shielding effectiveness (plane wave and MSRC environment),
  • Electric field probe for on-site measurements, …

Some of our achievements

Shielding effectiveness measurements of different material samples developed by Tresse Industrie company (Ambert, 63), for shielded cables design in accordance with firm specifications.