About us

MSGC platform (Materials and Structures of Civil Engineering) collects and manages the testing facilities used for teaching, research and services to companies. It performs services to companies in the large field of civil engineering, buildings and infrastructures. The activities are based on its own expertise (researchers, teachers and technicians of Polytech) and those of its environment (Institut Pascal and Université Clermont Auvergne). MSGC manages also the Ecografi equipments (sustainable use of granular and fibers materials). Its main domain of activity concerns the materials, the structures and the infrastructures in civil engineering. One of its originalities is the characterization of components and elements at large scale. The platform is localized in Polytech Clermont-Ferrand which is one of the engineering schools of UCA.

Our services

  • Large scale behavior of materials and structures in laboratory or on site.
  • Strength of materials (specimens) or structures (including original or complex shapes and dimensions).
  • On site characterization of dams, pavements structures and masonry.

Technologies / Equipments

  • Testing frames with a capacity of 1000 kN
  • Testing frame intension (3500 kN)
  • Universal testing machines (50, 200 kN) or 3000 kN (concrete compression).
  • Load cells and various measurement devices (LVDT transducers, strain gauges, inclinometers, or prepared and validated on the demand)
  • 3D measurement without contact
  • Testing materials for geotechnics and bio-based materials

Some of our achievements

  • Bending tests on Tram or lighting poles (Valmont, Aubrilam)
  • Tensile tests on multilayer composite pipelines (Trelleborg)
  • Seismic resistance of concrete slabs (CERIB)
  • Resistance of elements and connections (aluminum, stainless steels, thin walled) (Viry, Castel&Fromaget)
  • Ballasts damage evolution (SNCF)
  • Behaviour of geotextiles (Terre Armée)
  • Material characterization for waste water treatment (Véolia)
  • Development and validation of on site tools for soils and infrastructures (Sol Solution)


MSGC takes benefits from the network develop in the frame of Tremplin Carnot MECD (Materials and Equipments for Sustainable Construction).