About us

We have a strong expertise in genomics, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, environmental microbiology and bioinformatics. We have developed software for the design of probes representative of the sequence diversity of gene families (Militon et al., 2007; Terrat et al., 2010; Dugat-Bony et al., 2011; Parisot et al., 2012). We have also developed an innovative technique of sequence hybrid selection capture in the field of environmental genomics (Gasc et al., 2018, 2017, 2016; Ranchou-Peyruse et al. 2017; Bragalini at al., 2014; Denonfoux et al., 2013). This approach can be used on all types of organisms (bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes whether isolated or in mixtures).

Our services

  • Design of capture probes,
  • Gene capture by hybridization,
  • Sequencing data treatments by bioinformatics tools.


  • Gene capture by hybridization,
  • Large DNA fragment preparation,
  • Sequencing data treatments by bioinformatics tools.

Some of our achievements

  • Hybridization capture reveals microbial diversity missed using current profiling methods,
  • Revealing large DNA regions through long DNA fragment hybridization capture,
  • cDNA capture by hybridization,
  • Functional gene capture.