Platform of Exploration of Metabolism (PFEM)

About us

Platform of "Exploration of Metabolism" (PFEM) is a technological and scientific platform that supports metabolomic and proteomic projects. This INRAE-UCA joint infrastructure obtained the French IBiSA labelisation in 2013 and NF X50-900 certification in 2015. PFEM is member of the French National Facility in metabolomics and proteomics (PIA) MetaboHUB (MTH ; wich aims to develop tools, methodologies and support major projects involving metabolomic and fluxomic approaches.

Our services

Analysis of biological fluids (urine, plasma, microorganism extracts ...) by LC-MS / NMR. Standardized and automated sample preparation.
  • Determination of metabolic profils by LC-MS/NMR
  • Data set processing and statistic studies.
  • Identification of biomarkers by LC-MSMS and 2D NMR
  • LC-NMR analysis


  • Robot for sample preparation for LC-MS and NMR analysis
  • ESI-Tof mass spectrometer, (micrOTOF Bruker) coupled to a Fast-LC (1200 series, Agilent)
  • AVANCE III Ultrashield NMR spectrometer equipped with a cryoprobe (Bruker)