Micrometric Chemical Sensor-System (MS2C)

About us

We offer possibilities to run electrical characterization of materials. Using thin film technique we offer also the possibilities to realize electrical contact aimed to facilitate the measurement. If sensing application are targeted, we can offer the whole processing from the material preparation to the sensing experiments. These offers are not only dedicated to research Lab but they remain also valid for the industry to which we can offer preliminary feasibility studies.

Our services

  • Service offer for (electrical characterizations [I(V)]; [C(V)]; HALL EFFECT): Research Labs, Industry, Private users ;
  • Writing technical report
  • Realizing preliminary study

Facilities / Equipments

  • Thin film realization
  • Unit for electrical characterization : current –voltage [I(V)]; capacitance-voltage [C(V)]
  • Bench for electrical characterization under gas
  • Hall Effect experiment

Some of our achievements

Current-Voltage [I(V)], Capacitance- Voltage [C(V)], ohmic character, Schottky Diode

Caractérisation courant-tension (I-V) d’une diode Schottky en direct (bleu) et inverse (rouge). De cette courbe on extrait les paramètres comme : la barrière de potentiel, le facteur d’idéalité, le courant de fuite etc.

Optimisation des caractéristiques inverse avec le temps de recuit et la température.

Caractérisation courant-tension d’une structure à base de nanotube de carbone en fonction de la température.

Détermination de la hauteur de barrière et de dopage par mesures C-V.


Training: PhD, Permanent staff; organizing visits for student or scholar.


Industry, Private (independent), University Laboratories.