About us

X-ray tomography platform of the Laboratoire Magmas & Volcans (UCA-CNRS-IRD). Equipment integrated into the CarMa project (Characterization, imaging and analysis of natural and synthetic materials from centimeter to nanometer).

Our services

  • 2D radioscopy and 3D tomography (data acquisition and reconstruction),
  • quantitative analysis of the data if needed (segmentation, 2D and 3D measurements, morphometry of particles, porosimetry, etc.).

Facilities / Equipments

X-ray tomograph in shielded cabin (RX-Solutions EasyTom model)
with two X-ray tubes:
  • 1 sealed, tungsten cathod tube (40-150 kV),
  • 1 open tube, LaB6 (20-100 kV) or W cathode (20-160 kV).
and two detectors:
  • 1 flat panel (2560 x 2048, 124 µm pixels),
  • 1 CCD camera (4008 x 2672, 9 µm pixels).
Device suitable for small objects (<20 cm), non-living materials (geological samples, concrete, ceramics, archaeological pieces, polymers, wood, biomaterials, composite materials, nano-materials, etc.). Maximum resolution of 0.4 µm for the smallest objects (volume typically < 1 mm³).

Additional equipments: stereomicroscope, PC for reconstruction and image analysis.

Some of our achievements

Xenolith in the core of a volcanic bomb (Emmy Voyer, LMV). Sample size: 8x5.5x5 cm; resolution: 52 µm/voxel


If needed, users can be trained to :
  • use the tomograph,
  • reconstruct data,
  • analyze images.