New Situations of Work (NSoW)

About us

The digital revolution, the globalization of our lifestyles, production and consumption patterns, and the current confrontation with the global pandemic are generating an increase in New Situations of Work. These situations can result in the emergence of a disorder (what to do? how to do it? with what objectives? what consequences? etc.). This indeterminacy of situations justifies, on the part of all the actors of the organizations (managers, intermediate hierarchies, employees, external service providers), the search for operational solutions.

The NSoW platform, based on the theoretical and methodological framework of pragmatism and inquiry theory, offers organizations (private companies but also public institutions, local authorities, associations, etc.) support in dealing with these new situations.

Our services

These New Situations of Work justify the implementation of inquiries and the researchers of the NSoW platform, from two UCA research laboratories (CleRMa and Communication et Sociétés) offer organizations a tailor-made support based on three types of interventions:
  • Assistance in the problematization of a specific situation (initiation of the inquiry) (collaboration of a few weeks).
  • Support during the entire inquiry process (4 to 6 months).
  • Supporting the organization in the development of methodological skills that can be used in several New Situations of Work (6 to 12 months).

Some of our achievements

Survey on the development of telework, survey on work management in the factory of the future.