About us

The platform makes it possible to study the effects of irradiation of samples at a maximum dose rate of 8Gy/min and a total dose delivered up to 500 Gy. In biology it makes it possible to evaluate at the subcellular scale the consequences of irradiations on cell function and genetic material. As well to obtain mutant lines (animal and plant).
The large irradiation chamber allows also the irradiations of small animals (mice) or to analyse the degradation of different polymers after irradiation. Evaluation of the resistance of electronic components to irradiations could be also performed with this facility.

Our services

  • Assistance for the development of radiation programs by the technician in charge of the platform.
  • Irradiation according to the programs defined by the users.
  • Possibility of final preparation of the samples before or after irradiation on site with the equipment’s.
  • Possible assistance by a biology engineer.


  • Self-protected X ray irradiator.
  • Incubator of eukaryotic cells.
  • Laminar flow hood.
  • Direct and phase contrast microscopes.
  • Equipment for dosimetry.

Some of our achievements

  • Effects of irradiations on eukaryotic cells.
  • Creations of mutant plant and animal cells.
  • Non-destructive sterilization of biological media.
  • Irradiation of small animals.
  • Analysis of the degradation of polymers after irradiation.
  • Study of the resistance of electronic components to irradiation.


License in Physics: use and operation of a ray source irradiator. Dosimetry concept and irradiation measurement.